Historic Jefferson 
Ghost Walk
The "Original" Historic Jefferson
Texas Ghost Tour

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The MOST REQUESTED tour in Town!

Come Join historian Jodi Breckenridge in Jefferson Texas. Considered the most haunted small town in Texas thanks to the Discover, Travel and Scifi channels.

The Historical Jefferson Ghost Walk has been mentioned in news articles and T.V. for years including KTBS channel 3,The Houston Chronicle, The Longview News Journal, and The Tyler Morning Telegraph!!!

Join us at 8:00pm every Friday and Saturday night for the "ONLY" tour that tries to take you inside a haunted location!

There are two ghost tours in town. The other tour is free, and ends with a ride on the “ghost” train at the end for $10. Save your money. Half of TSPI went on Breck’s tour, half went on the other.

The consensus is that Breck’s is worth every penny with the knowledge and detail she bestows, she has guided the tour for 10 years. The other was considered a waste of time and just a way to promote the train."  - The Record Live

"Rick Rowe's feeling spooked this morning.  He's taking a ghost tour in Jefferson, Texas for this week's 50 Cities stop"  - KTBS News3

"Steven Spielberg stayed one night about 40 years ago. He awoke terrified as he saw an apparition of a little boy standing by his bed asking him if he was ready for breakfast."  - The Longview News-Journal

"My wife and my son got hit by french fries flying across the room," Colin says. "All four of us were sitting watching TV, and our leftovers were sitting across the room." - Houston Chronicle

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Picture taken during the Ghost Walk at THE GROVE circa 1840's property, 1861 House Most Haunted Location in Jefferson

Virginia Singleton Cross House
Jefferson TX
figure of someone seen on the balcony (top left)
(people for years have claimed to see phantom figures on the balcony)
photo taken with a digital camera 11:50 p.m. right before a severe thunderstorm - picture courtesy of Sharon
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